LED flexible line lights in all areas of space flexibility of beauty

source: Mar,03,2021

With the LED light belt is more and more popular in the decoration, the use of flexible line light belt is also more multi-facetalized, due to the changing shape, with simple lines to shape the variability of space, at the same time with the function of guidance and suggestion, to build a different light and shadow effect, highlighting the extreme beauty of the line and the sense of space coordination.

Nowadays, the use of flexible line lights is not only in the field of office. Now many lighting designers will slowly use them in outdoor lighting, high-end commercial space, home space and industrial lighting environment, and use unique lighting design techniques to build different light and shadow effects.

The shape of Lanchen flexible line light is changeable, the length is free, and the length can be customized according to the actual installation requirements. The length can be cut or splice at will. The built-in light source can also be installed at different power and color temperature according to the specific use scene and use requirements.The types of splicing are outer corner splicing, inner corner splicing, and flat corner splicing.

In the corridor, it can play the role of guidance and hint. It can achieve rich visual art sense by customizing the linear lights of different lengths.At the same time, in order to ensure uniform illumination of the space, the lamp distance also needs to be controlled at an appropriate distance.

In the ceiling, the basic lighting can be provided by either plain or embedded linear lights. Through clever changes in light and shade, the contrast of light and shade makes the overall feeling present an excellent visual effect.

In the office space, the arrangement and space of flexible line lights can give the space agility, giving a simple and comfortable office environment.The plasticity of the flexible line lamp belt is relatively large and the function is strong.

Flexible line lamp is installed in cabinet interior to increase light source, and the clever combination that layer wears can weaken a space to close around a feeling, fully applied colours to delicate and fashionable indoor atmosphere.

In addition, in the use of flexible line light belt, bar, kitchen, clothing stores, wine cabinets, stairs, stores, reception desk, walls, bookcase, bathroom, bedroom, dance room, display cabinet, corridor, ceiling and so on, you can see its figure.The flexible line lighting with strong plasticity creates creative and changeable space changes.

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