Silicone neon ribbon plays the role of decoration and setting off atmosphere

source: Feb,24,2021

Silicone neon light belt, various poses, using silica gel two-color extrusion integrated forming process, protection level up to IP67, with salt liquid resistance, acid and alkali, anti-gas corrosion, fire resistance, UV resistance;It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor modeling design, corridors, eaves edges and corners and other places to play the role of decorative lighting effect and foil atmosphere.

Why choose silicone neon ribbon?

It can be used in the smooth environment of high reflective materials without dazzling.Compared with drip irrigation rubber lamp belt, it has better appearance and wider application environment.Compared to the small profile linear lamp, the installation is simpler, better protection performance.

High light transmittance, up to 90%, can meet the high light flux output, not only for decoration, but also for lighting.

The thermal conductivity of silica gel is 0.27W/MK, double that of PVC 0.14W/MK, and the effective heat dissipation life of the lamp belt is longer.

Reliable structure and good flexibility, the use of solid silica gel, through the mold to customize the internal structure and external form, can be bent and twisted, suitable for various forms of modeling, tear resistance, not easy to damage deformation toughness.

IP protection is good, the main body of the product and the standard outlet plug can fully meet the IP65 standard environment application, can pass the IP67 test standard in the laboratory.

Silica gel in the minus 50 degrees to 150 degrees of the environment to maintain the normal soft state for a long time, there will be no deformation, can be flexible to do a variety of bending degree modeling, to meet the needs of customers.

The transmittance of silica gel, the light consumption of the lamp belt is lower, and the light color is more transparent.

Silicone can be in the sun for a long time without turning yellow. The two most important indicators of the lamp are light color and light efficiency.

A wide range of applications:

1, indoor and outdoor advertising, text patterns, window, door, furniture, walls, roof, etc

2, car, boat and other vehicles decoration: internal and external decoration, instrument indication, digital display

3, safety signs and instructions: stairs, passageways, door plates, exits, temporary outdoor dangerous site warning

4, toys, arts and crafts, sporting goods, clothing, electrical appliances, decoration, military equipment, etc.

Silicone neon strip is a new generation of products in the field of display lighting. Its appearance is similar to that of ordinary telephone wires. Its surface layer is made of colorful fluorescent PVC plastic sleeve.Compared with the lamp tube, it is more durable and more colorful in shape. This kind of products has created a new era of energy saving, environmental protection and healthy lighting display.