Flexible light strips create different atmospheres on different occasions

source:http://www.lucienstar.com Feb,24,2021

With the progress of science and technology, the fierce competition in the light belt market, energy saving and environmental protection lighting will be more and more favored by people.According to the analysis of the industry, under the tide of low carbon economy, flexible light belt and other environmentally friendly lamps will occupy a dominant position in the market.

As the main lamps and lanterns of future indoor lighting, must have the following characteristics: the first should be safe without doubt, the 2nd should save energy, the 3rd is to want environmental protection, why to say so?We install the lamp belt is to have the effect of illumination, have the effect of adornment beautification namely additionally very important, must let a person look feel very comfortable.

The times are progressing, and the requirements for lighting are also changing.Modern people spend 50% - 80% of their time indoors, will not be exposed to the sun, which requires the emergence of flexible lamps and lanterns such as light belt, modern people put forward a higher demand for lighting.Below this kind of circumstance, we need to simulate external light with artificial light source, simulate well, can make indoor lighting achieves health to coordinate comfortable result.But the outdoor environment is diverse, snow is refreshing, autumn is satisfied, dusk is warm, from this point of view, flexible lamp belt can play a greater advantage.

Different places also have different lighting requirements. Classrooms need light strips to ensure that the light can make them healthier and improve their learning effect.If the hospital can successfully simulate the external environment, it can ensure the patient's sleep time and quality;Shopping malls need appropriate lighting design to provide people with shopping experience;Then to the whole city scenery lighting, the light belt is used well can enhance the image of the whole city.

Flexible light straps are so important, what kind of technology should we use to integrate lighting and other systems?In addition, intelligent light control should be applied in order to better reduce energy consumption. Flexible light belt is a key to solve the above problems. Through light distribution and design, lamps and lanterns such as light belt can improve the light projection of the entire ceiling and also save energy.

In both life and work of a number of occasions, often to be in a different light elements to express aesthetic feeling and highlight the theme, flexible lamp tape has been favored by people, seems a little light band, but the result that it brings is not simple, sometimes even have the effect that make the finishing point, the icing on the cake for a variety of indoor and outdoor environment design.