From entry to mastery, please read the silicone neon LED strip light

source: Feb,24,2021

Ever since the lighting industry came up with the concept of silicone neon, there have been many questions in the lighting industry: What is the difference between silicone neon and LED line lights?Can silicone neon be used directly for outdoor buildings?Whether its function is the same as that of LED line lamp......In order to answer these questions succinctly and comprehensively, Longburn decided that it might be practical to compile a tweet for everyone to refer to.In this paper, from the characteristics of silica gel neon lamp different from LED line light, in the outdoor application should have what conditions and practical application cases popularize the knowledge of silica gel neon lamp.

From the literal understanding, silicone neon is an upgraded version of LED line light, it should not only have the basic functions of LED line light, but also on this basis to show the difference of its "flexible".Because of its flexibility, silicone neon can be installed on curved surfaces, which is an intuitive innovation that distinguishes it from traditional LED line lights.

In modern architectural design, designers have long relied on the previous matchbox stack, and then pursued the novel creativity of art and culture, so as to make the exterior form of buildings more colorful.From the perspective of the characteristics of the traditional LED lamp line, whether in the joint, interface and wiring installation store can satisfy the application of modern architecture makes the requirement of the building facade, silica gel neon with its different size of the bending radius and well made up for the inadequacy of this respect, let architects have more space to imagine, and for the appearance of the building creates more visual abnormity modelling.

  • Convenient installation, full application advantages

In practical application, the advantages of silica gel neon are embodied in its split installation design.The traditional LED line lamp is like a chandelier that integrates the light source with the external structure and circuit. If the lamp is broken, the whole lamp body has to be dismantled and replaced with a new chandelier.

The installation bracket of silica gel neon lamp is separated from the main body, and the middle part is installed with physical buckle type. When the lamp is broken, it is very convenient to replace the main part of the light source just like changing the light bulb.Silicone neon lamp and the traditional LED line lamp in the installation, change the difference seems to be very small, but from the lamps in the late maintenance and maintenance personnel's operation, the difference is very big.

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