What is the existence of flexible wall washing lamp in the lighting industry?

source:http://www.lucienstar.com Feb,24,2021

Lighting industry is the product of night tour as the in-depth development of urban economy, and in the lighting industry, "wall washing lamp" is also very common.In the process of branding of lighting industry, the communication, coordination and supervision between market subjects (lighting factory, lighting enterprise, lighting supplier, etc.) are becoming more and more important. The "lighting industry" will also play the role of "industry lubricant" and "catalyst" to serve the lighting industry and strengthen communication and exchange.

More, to say the degree of market development, flexible wall washing lamp is among the best.Relatively mature market structure, not only gave birth to many industries, and the industry also "feed back" the development of the lighting industry.

Many flexible wall-washing lights are commonly used in urban lighting.If you look at the colorful landscape at night, you will find that it has more colors than projectiles.Due to the use of LED as the light source, the consumption is very low.So, even with many flexible wall-washing lights, energy costs are unlikely to be a huge burden.Now flexible wall washing lamp manufacturers have become a new market in the LED industry, and flexible wall washing lamp has been the focus of the industry in the past two years.

The simple control of flexible wall-washing lamp provides a good development space for the development of intelligent lighting. Intelligent lighting is not a new technology in the field of lighting.Infrared control, radar control, sound control, program control and other technologies have long been used to adjust the brightness of lamps, turn them on and off or adjust their performance.Flexible wall washing lamp is mainly used for energy saving purposes.

Flexible wall washing lamp manufacturers will consider anti-static measures when manufacturing high performance wall washing system.For example, Shenzhen Longcheng Solar, a manufacturer of wall-washing light systems, will take into account the need for special working regulations.Personnel must wear uniform work clothes, anti-static rings, anti-static gloves, etc., to ensure work, the moisture content of the environment can also be installed anti-static ion fans, in order to effectively prevent electrostatic damage to LED and improve the efficiency of outdoor lighting.In addition, high quality flexible wall-washing lamps have a relatively higher antistatic capability than ordinary LEDs.

When designing outdoor lighting, high-power flexible wall-washing lamps can be used to better retain the original landscape at night or other times and increase the charm of the landscape.Therefore, flexible wall washing lamp manufacturers must first understand the landscape design and the design behind it.What needs to be said is that brightening lighting designed in this way can match the designer's desire to express and create a more beautiful landscape.After designing the lighting equipment, the LED lights that are decorated on the lighting equipment should be decorated in the daytime, and artistic lighting should be carried out in the evening.

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