Flexible light belt will become "new favorite" in outdoor market?

source:http://www.lucienstar.com Feb,24,2021

In the development of industry transition competition, the homogenization of products has become an indisputable fact.From the perspective of the industry, the innovation of new products is bound to bring about a disruptive change.The flexible lamp with the traditional LED lamp belt modeling and full Angle of light, high color rendering, high light efficiency and other advantages, in the industry set off a discussion upsurge, but questioned its development trend of voice never stopped, some people even believe that the flexible lamp belt is just a "perfect" lamp decoration before the transition product.At present, what are the advantages and disadvantages of flexible light belt technology?What is the latest development in product technology?Will it make another splash in the market?

  • [What is the flexible light belt]

1. Flexible light strip, also known as flexible neon tube, is a hot LED breakthrough product recently added by Longergen Photoelectric Co., Ltd. Its appearance is to make up for the deficiency of glass neon tube and optical fiber, so as to completely replace.

2, safe bottom voltage, power consumption is small, because the light source is LED, so even in the case of 24V, can also be normal light work, the power consumption is 24W/M.

3, high brightness, the light source is made of imported high brightness LED light source in series.

4, longevity and durability, on the basis of LED technology, with new structure, make this lamp in any case can reach 30,000 hours of ultra-long service life, relative to the glass neon, its durability is beyond doubt, because there is no need to consider the glass neon broken problem.

5, soft, flexible light belt, it can be bent to the minimum diameter of 8CM, and can be cut at any knife edge, so it can be bent into a variety of text situation.

Unlike glass neon, which requires a high voltage of 15,000V for normal operation, the flexible all-body strip can operate at a low voltage of 24V, plus its shock resistance, temperature resistance, salt solution resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

Flexible light belt is favored by the outdoor market, the most important reason is that the flexible light belt itself product advantages.As a new generation of light source, flexible light belt combines environmental protection and energy saving, high resolution, natural and delicate color, can display details and a wide perspective of modern high-tech in a body, fully meet the requirements of modern lighting technology and urban people's viewing requirements, is a perfect combination of science and technology and traditional lighting.It can be said that flexible light belt is very wide in the use of places now, whether it is indoor or outdoor buildings, billboards and so on all have in use.The increasingly advanced LED technology provides a new opportunity for the outdoor market to enter the LED era.In the future, LED flexible light strip will have a very good application prospect and development space.