Why is the market demand for silicone flexible lamp belt increasing?

source:http://www.lucienstar.com Feb,24,2021

The new LED light source silica gel flexible lamp belt promotes the innovation of lighting design and development, which has changed our lighting concept to a large extent, so that we can liberate from the traditional point and line light source.In recent years, LED by the continuous emergence of a variety of new applications, the LED market size has been rapidly improved, and the silicone flexible lamp strip used in different LED products is also particularly important.

As a member of the lighting industry, we all know that the demand for silicone flexible lamp belt is growing, and it continues to grow every year.Why does this happen?In fact, it is nothing more than its various advantages, the following silicon flexible light belt manufacturers Longchen photoelectricity for you to analyze.

1. Good flexibility

Flexible light belt is mostly famous for flexible, silicone flexible light belt is an upgraded version of Lanchen photoelectric, mainly silica gel, is a kind of organic silicon compound, has excellent heat aging resistance UV and ozone erosion.The molecular chain is flexible, the interaction force between the weak, soft and elastic;It not only has the basic functions of LED line light, but also shows its difference based on "flexibility".Because of its flexibility, the ribbon can be installed on curved surfaces, which is the most intuitive innovation point that distinguishes it from traditional line lamps.It can be quickly nested into any aluminum and various creative lighting.The ever-changing shape of the lamp belt also makes countless consumers willing to choose this kind of products to make better space creative art lighting.Through the various LED light strips, more consumers enjoy the process of lighting vision in various scenes.This is one of the reasons why consumers like silicone flexible light bands.

2. High Safety

Another reason for the boom in demand for silicone flexible light bands is their low pressure safety advantages.Low voltage lamp with a safer voltage, so that there are children in the common place more at ease to touch all kinds of lamps and lanterns brought about by the hidden danger.We know that both traditional incandescent lamps and today's LED finished lamps are driven in a single way, but we know that LED light strips are usually connected and installed by means of drive separation, so as to ensure the safety of the light strips more effectively.

3. Easy to install

There is another reason why many consumers choose silicone flexible lamp belt, that is, it is very simple to install.Often all you need to do is unwrap the 3M glue on the back of the light band, and you can be creative and imaginative and simply plug it in and plug it in.Usually for indoor and outdoor, we will suggest that users choose some simple installation of DC outlet way, so that it is convenient to install, but also convenient to carry.

In the era of traditional light source, silicone flexible light belt is a lofty product lighting, but in the era of LED, silicone flexible light belt began to apply from the field of application to a variety of scenes, especially in the special environment, silicone flexible light belt is becoming more and more needed, has a good space for development and broad market prospects!