LED Silicone lamp features prominent, interpretation of a different kind of beauty!

source:http://www.lucienstar.com Feb,24,2021

LED lighting one of the most promising developing products, silica gel worthy neon belt, it has high brightness, long life, safety and energy saving, convenient installation, more has the advantages such as dustproof heat, bright, beautiful and moving characteristics of neon lights, is irreplaceable by any electric light source, in all kinds of new type of light source is constantly emerging, and competition.

Silicone neon is the most popular LED breakthrough product in recent years. Its appearance makes up for the deficiency of glass neon and optical fiber, making it more flexible and convenient to use, thus gaining more recognition and love from industry insiders and users.Compared with traditional neon, LED silica gel neon has the following characteristics:

Easy to install: can be installed in a variety of places, including gypsum board, can also be fixed on the wall or support with brackets, or hanging under the roof.

Convenient maintenance: can be any scissors cutting maintenance.

Low voltage: because its light source is LED, even in the case of 24V, it can also work normally.

Ultra-high brightness: the light source is made of ultra-high brightness LED series, and the encryption arrangement is the guarantee of the overall luminous effect and high brightness.

Longer life: improved on the basis of LED technology, so that flexible neon lights have longer service life.

Energy saving: Silicone neon lamp each point of the LED is a cold light lamp, only emit low heat, can save more than 70% of the energy consumption of electricity using cost.

Arbitrary bending: high flexibility, can be decorated into different patterns or words according to the needs of users.

Rich color: good color rendering index, rich color can be adjusted.

Safety and environmental protection: it can operate normally under low voltage condition and can be touched.LED manufacturing low carbon environmental protection;And not fragile, convenient for long-distance transportation.

LucienStar specialized in flexible LED lighting research and development, design, manufacturing and sales. Our products are including silicone neon lights, LED flexible wall washer and decorative linear lightning.

The company's silica gel neon lamp belt using parameters

1. Specifications: 12mm*20mm, 4mm*8mm and 6mm*12mm,8mm*12mm

2. Material: Silica gel (standard 3 years, optional 5 years)

(No yellowing, no brittle cracking, no peeling, no flammable, no peculiar smell can meet international environmental standards)

3. Light source: high light efficiency SMD2835, 2735, 5050LED lamp bead, LM80 test certification

120 lamps per meter, guaranteed for three years without light decay, no color difference, no dead lamp, super stability and consistency.

The company adopts the way of embedded installation of neon lights, to ensure that the chain brand and the same series of products are completely consistent and can do the full right Angle, no seams, no glue overflow, no light leakage, the overall neat, beautiful and document effect is highly consistent, the production of finished products, a complete set of output, can be used after receiving.